Martial Arts Programs Available In Temecula

Krav Maga

At West Coast Krav Maga in Temecula you'll learn quick and easy-to-learn self-defense and attack techniques using your arms, legs, feet and fists! And, as you develop razor-sharp reflexes and lightning fast movements, you'll chisel your body and mind into the only weapon you'll ever need.

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Kids Karate

It's never too early to give your child the valuable life lessons that martial arts in Murrieta has to offer. Kids Karate promotes health, fitness and, of course, gives kids plenty of fun!

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Kickboxing Fitness

Aimed at getting you in shape fast, you'll enjoy a rigorous fitness classes with the exercises, drills, movements and techniques you'd expect from a comprehensive martial arts program. There's nothing like Kickboxing Fitness classes in Murrieta!

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Law Enforcement Training

At West Coast Krav Maga, we take Law Enforcement seriously. And to aid in that effort we have partnered with the Krav Maga Force Training Division who have taken important steps refining Krav Maga to meet the needs of American Law Enforcement. We are proud to offer multiple Law Enforcement training dates through the rest of this year.

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