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  • Why Coaching From the Sideline is Harmful for Your Child's Development

    As parents, we want what’s best for our children, and we also want our children to give it their best when they participate in extra-curricular sports and activities. The problem is, we sometimes get caught up in our desire to see our children perform well andwe speak up at the wrong times. With that said, I’ve put together some details about how coaching from the sidelines plays aharmfulrole in our child’s emotional development. (Please note as it relates to this article, I’m focusing on a martial arts parent because that’s the environment I’m an expert at when it comes to this topic. However, this information is easily related to other sports and ....

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  • Quick way to calm your Child in an Emotional Flood

    As we know, children can lose control of their emotions for various reasons, and the behaviors we witness are generally unplanned. And since anxiety can look like defiance, adults often respond in counterproductive ways. When children are stressed, the amygdala, in the downstairs brain, is triggered, and the “fight or flight” response takes over. This hijacking of the brain makes it hard for children to be reached through conversation resulting in a disruption in the current environment. Implementing rapid resets can calm children and get their brains back “online.” When children are out of the zone, and their “lid is flipped,” the ....

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  • Supporting Children’s Emotional Needs During the Pandemic Part 2

    Supporting Children’s Emotional Needs During the Pandemic Part 2
    We are all human and our responses
    to our current situation vary. Some have hunkered down and sorted through their new reality in a way that has motivated them to complete tasks and put new goals in place. Others have become increasingly overwhelmed and feel like they have no control over their lives at all. It’s important to note, however that there is not a right or wrong way to respond to what we have been presented with. It solely depends on each individual person and how they cope. And as parents are working to navigate their own emotions, they must also help their children manage
    their feelings. ....

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  • Supporting Children’s Emotional Needs During the Pandemic - Part 1

    Supporting Children’s Emotional Needs During the Pandemic - Part 1 As the pandemic carries on, our coping skills are starting to unravel. For many people, this has become the ultimate emotional test. As we continue to maintain our distance from each other, not only have our social lives been halted, but our emotional support is wavering as well. And while we have been living this reality this for some time, it is not getting any easier. In fact, it is getting a bit harder, esp ecially for children. In order to mitigate this emotional imbalance, it is important to put things into place to help them feel more stable . Understanding that feelings and responses to the same ....

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  • Helping Children Feel Secure in an Uncertain World

    Helping Children Feel Secure in an Uncertain World
    The news can be full of scary stories and information, especially for children. Our current situation has brought about even more concern for everyone in the world. If adults are feeling panicked, imagine how children must be feeling. And no matter the age, children can be emotionally
    affected by the news and begin feeling anxious about what they are hearing. For this reason, it’s important for parents to spend time connecting with their children and implementing ways that help them feel secure. And, of course, during this worldwide turmoil, parents may also feel unsure and struggle with what to say to their children. But ....

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  • Conflict Resolution for Children

    Conflict Resolution
    Let’s face it, conflict is hard and is bound to happen no matter what ground rules are put into place. Whether it’s on the playground or right in our own homes, childrenwill clash. And while it can create challenging situations, it is a normal event that occurs between children. This is why conflict resolution is an essential life skill for them to learn. In order to help them, though, early instruction is key in making this a standard routine during disagreements with others. Often when children
    are involved in conflict, one of two things happen. Either the parent rushes into save their child or the child goes to an adult immediately. And ....

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  • Resilience: Helping Children and Teens Build Coping Skills

    Resilience: Helping Children and Teens Build Coping Skills
    Stress is a significant part of our lives today. And while we all experience it, children and teens have a more difficult time managing it. Academic pressure, social tensions, family stressors, etc. all impact a young person’s mental well-being. For this reason, it’s important for parents to help their children develop coping skills by guiding them through tough times instead of jumping in to save them from any discomfort that may come along. Children and teens often present stress as what adults call a meltdown or a tantrum. Psychologists call it “flooding.” This happens when a wave of strong, ....

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  • Brain Development for 18 – 36 Months

    Brain Development for 18 – 36 Months
    Healthy brain development is one of the most important aspects of childhood development. More specifically, the first few years of life are a significant time for this because synaptic connections are at a peak level. This is the time when positive and nurturing experiences are vital so that the brain can form strong networks that set the foundation for learning. By understanding the importance of early synaptic connections, parents realized that having their children participate in enriching programs, that assist in this development is worthwhile. Synapses are connections between neurons that transmit signals to each other in the brain. ....

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  • Not all Children are the Same

    Not All Children Are The Same All parents want the same thing…for their child to be a positive member of society and experience success. And while these are important things, they often come through a push to achieve and be the best in everything. Unfortunately, this is frequently done through comparing their children to others. This, however, often leads to stress and lower self-esteem in children. What is important to remember is that each child has different strengths and rates at which they develop. Our programs are developed so that children would be placed in a class that met their stage of development. Instead of having a 5-year-old in the same class as a 10-year-old ....

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  • The Secret Senses To Better Behavior in our Children

    The Secret Senses To Better Behavior We’ve all heard of the main 5 senses; taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing. However, there are two other, very important, senses that don’t get enough attention. Those are the vestibular sense and proprioception. These two senses are vital in the development of a child but are often overlooked, especially in today’s world. This is mostly due to the fact that safety is of the upmost importance for anyone working with children. And while safety is important, the constant lack of “risky play” is contributing to the underdevelopment of these two senses. The vestibular sense is most easily understood as the sense that ....

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