Daniel Carlini | Instructor

Kids Karate Murrieta

Daniel Carlini

Daniel has extensive experience in defense tactics and personal protection. He has trained in Krav Maga in Europe, Israel, and in the United States. Daniel has extensive experience in military hand to hand combat and close quarters combat including Hisardut and Haganah techniques. His professional background includes: multinational military operations, private contractor for international security agencies, dignitary protection details, and as a corrections officer with the Department of Homeland Security. Daniel currently works as a defensive tactics instructor for an international protection agency, as a lead instructor with Krav Maga training centers in California and Colorado and as a DT Instructor with CBLTAC. As a defense tactics instructor, Daniel has trained numerous law enforcement, military, and private agency personnel. He has taught several seminars related to personal security, third party protection, and threat assessment. Daniel is also a certified law enforcement and military Krav Maga instructor under the Krav Maga Alliance Force Training Division.

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