Happy New Year WCKM Family!
What better way to start off the new year than by talking this month about Goal Setting!
"Goals we set are goals we get!" ~ Sensei John



Due: January 18th

Powerful Project Downloads available here on our website or on our Facebook page!




KRAV TEST - Saturday, February 24th @ Patricia Birdsall Park 

Advanced - 7:00am

Intermediate - 8:30am

Beginner - 10:00am

SKILLZ TEST - Saturday, February 24th @ Patricia Birdsall Park 

Basic - 1:00pm

Core - 2:30pm

Extreme/Elite - 4:00pm



KRAV WORKSHOP - Saturday, February 17th @ 12:30 in Murrieta


PTA/PTSA Contacts:

We are looking to get more involved in our local schools by sponsoring the PTA's & PTSA's.

If anyone is involved with any of the schools PTA, please let us know and we will reach out and see how we can sponsor each school.

SKILLZ program:

One of the Skillz we work on in every class is Focus but have noticed some students having a difficult time due to outside distractions. We obviously encourage a sense of community and family at our school and love to see parents and siblings supporting the kids, but if we could ask that conversations and siblings playing be kept at a lower volume or enjoyed in our lobby in an attempt to help the students better focus on the instructors.

Extreme Skillz Program: Proper Gear is Required in every class : Headgear, Boxing Gloves, Bag Gloves, Shin Guards, and Mouth Piece....groin protection is highly recommended.

Core Skillz Program:

Proper Gear is Required in every class : Bag Gloves...groin protection is highly recommended.

WestCoastKravMaga.com is our website & ask your instructor for the Password...

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Go to your app. store and download our free West Coast Krav Maga app. Please except "Push Notifications" All kinds of great info & this Announcements.. and more to come so please check it often. We created this app. for convenience of our members, if there is anything that would make your life as a WCKM member easier email John Gabriele from the app. & let him know...

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