Stefanie Valente | Instructor

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Stefanie Valente

I started Martial Arts at 3 years old in a traditional system for 7 years. At 10 years old my dad made a switch to Krav Maga, which I have been studying ever since. I have been teaching for over 18 years. I attend seminars all over the country to better educate myself. Each seminar is different but either helps me to better my teaching skills or my techniques. In 2009 I was awarded Instructor of the Year, by Educational Funding Company.

A few hobbies of mine are horse back riding, golf, and just relaxing at the beach. I just recently had a son. He is now one of my biggest hobbies (as you parents know, they take up all your time lol). 

But of course Krav Maga is a hobby as well. I love what I do and plan on doing it till I can't anymore...

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